Spring cleanup: remove dead foliage, reapply mulch

By Lelia Kelly and David Nagel
Extension Horticulture Specialists

As the foliage of your perennials begins emerging and growing actively be sure that all the dead foliage from last year’s perennials and annual plants has been removed.

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Jail Docket – 03/23/2016

March 14
Jimmy Ferguson, DOB 08-11-65, WM; Webster SO: possession of contraband in correctional facility.
Thomas Casey Narmour, DOB 09-15-70, WM, Webster 1: grand larceny (hold for Police Department).

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Obituary – Mr. Charles E. Green

March 18, 2016

Charles E. Green, 81, a retired military medic and veteran in the U.S. Army, passed away Friday, March 18, 2016, at the VA Nursing Home in Kosciusko, MS. Mr. Green was born April 20, 1934 in Tomnolen, … Read more

Legals – 03/23/2016

WHEREAS, on 24th day of September, 2010, Henry H. Brownlee executed a certain Deed of Trust to Alan E. South, Trustee for the benefit of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc., as nominee for Urban Financial … Read more