Let’s rally for the Relay Friday night

By Dr. Connie Black
Relay for Life Co-Chair
Webster County

We hope by now you have your calendar marked and your plans made for
an exciting and fun-filled Friday night, April 26, 6 p.m. at the NMMC-
Eupora walking track.

Plans are finalized and all of the teams are decorating, cooking and
taking care of last-minute details as the clock winds down on our
Relay for Life 2013 main event.

It is impossible to list everything planned for this night, but here
are a few of things in store for you:
Make sure you come to the walking track with a hearty appetite. You
won’t leave hungry as we are preparing to serve jambalaya, pizza,
smoked sausage Mardi Gras style, chips of all kinds, tacos in a bag,
nachos, hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken plates. … Are you
hungry just thinking about all the possibilities?

If you have a “sweet tooth” don’t worry about it — we have you
covered. You can look for old-time candy, homemade granola, ribbon
chocolates, cotton candy, doughnuts and brownies.

With all the fun and excitement, we are all bound to get thirsty.
Many of the teams will be providing a variety of drinks including
soft drinks, “old-timey” lemonade and water.

Of course, the children need “something to do” and we can promise you
they won’t be bored. Look for the booths that offer glow sticks, glow-
in-the-dark necklaces and bracelets, face painting, hair glitter,
bubbles, whistles and balls. Let them burn off some of that energy on
the slide and jumper. Oh, yes, they can also take their turn at
throwing water balloons at the principals. Hold on now, only the

We know there are also those who are “young at heart” and we don’t
want anyone to feel left out of the fun. Have your picture made at
the photo booth. No telling who you will find to make a picture with
you. Just be careful! I heard “the Law” is looking to fill up the
jail, which will be located, for the night, right there at the
walking track.

Do you feel lucky? Some of the teams will have special “items of
interest” if you would like to give a small donation to Relay for
Life and throw your name in the bucket. Some of the items include a
huge basket of goodies from Walgreens, a beautiful hand-created
wreath, horseshoe crosses AND an autographed framed photo of Roy Oswalt.

Amy Hood has been working hard, looking all over the county to find
talent and entertainment for the evening. Bring your lawn chairs and
get ready to witness what we’ve all known for many years: Webster
County has some of the most talented and creative people in the
world. This is your time to sit back and revel in that fact as we
play host to many of the county’s young and not-so-young musicians
and entertainers.

The walking track will be filled with those who walk in support of
cancer research and those who continue today to fight that battle. We
are grateful for the survivors and their caregivers who will “kick
off” our relay at 6 as they ride or walk the track.

Carol Hillhouse and Frances Hyde have worked with their teams to
provide a beautiful, meaningful ceremony of recognition and memorial
for all those whose lives have been touched in such a personal way by
cancer. Please make plans to stay as we release sky lanterns and
light luminarias and torches when we pause to thank God for lives
well lived and love never forgotten.

It is with deep gratitude and heartfelt thanks that the Relay for
Life team acknowledges all of your kindness and support. We’ll be
looking for you on Friday night! Meet us at the NMMC walking track at
6 p.m. and remember: CANCER NEVER TAKES A HOLIDAY!