Time Capsules Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago: Dec. 9, 1937 Pre-Holiday Sales in Full Swing We firmly believe that Eupora merchants are drawing shoppers from greater distances during these days of several pre-holiday sales than ever before in the business history of the town. It is impossible to get around the fact that Eupora business men are cutting prices to a razor edge at this time.

Business has not only been good on Saturdays during the past weeks, but the streets on week days show that the people have learned that Eupora is the place to trade most economically. Our town has always been known as one of the best in North Mississippi, but present indications are that it has widened its territory considerably. Subscribers to The Webster Progress insist that they merely subscribe (and we refer to those who have little or no personal interest in the town or county) for the purpose of reading the advertisements so that they know where to trade when they come to town.

Edgeworth News: Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Liston and children of Poplar Creek Community spent Thanksgiving with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Patridge.

Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Pyron and sons, Bernard and Clinton, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Bart Fowler near Greenwood.

Mrs. J.F. Lamb spent Sunday with Mrs. T.J. Lamb,

Mrs. W.S. Patridge and children spent last weekend with relatives.

Mrs. Roscoe Reed made a business trip to Winona on Friday.

Misses Sue Oglesby and Mattie Sparkman spent Friday afternoon with Mrs. Robert Johnson.

Mr. Kelly Lamb of Wood Junior College spent the Thanksgiving holidays with homefolks.

50 Years Ago: Dec. 6, 1962 Springhill News: Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Ellis of Slate Springs spent Wednesday night and Thursday with parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Roberts.

Visiting in the Max Dulaney home Thursday were Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hendricks and Cole and children from Grenada.

Mr. Herbert Bingham of Arkansas spent a few days with his sister, Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Easley and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Waits and children of Dermott, AR visited last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Gary.

Mr. Harry Kimbrell of Huntsville, AL spent Thanksgiving with his mother, Mrs. Agnes Kimbrell.

Sunday dinner guests in the C.W. O’Neal home were Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hendricks and Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. O’Neal.

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Shaw of Alva visited a while Tuesday night with Mr. and Mrs. C.W. O’Neal.

Peppertown News: Mrs. J.A. Spikes is visiting her son, Calvin, in Memphis this week.

Mrs. Fannie Reddy of Calhoun City spent several days last week with her daughter, Mrs. Upton Pepper.

Mrs. Nellie Palmertree visited in the Johnny Allred home on Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Pepper visited her mother Sunday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Shaw of Greenwood spent the weekend in the Andrew Shaw home.

Mr. and Mrs. Upton Pepper and Chuck were supper guests in the Leonard Pepper home Tuesday night.

Mr. and Mrs. J.O. Turner visited a while in the Leonard Pepper home Thursday afternoon.

25 Years Ago: Dec. 3, 1987 Lebanon News: Mrs. Louise Hayes, Mrs. Marie Cooper and Mrs. Mary Martin spent Saturday with Mrs. Mattie Armstrong in Meridian.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Latham had their children from Columbus for Thanksgiving.

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Patridge, Jerry and Corbett Patridge had all of their children at one time or another for Thanksgiving. They were Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Miles and children, Mr. and Mrs. Barry Rushing and Lynn, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson and Shayne and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Crowley, Zach and Rosette.

Mr. and Mrs. Lansing Lamb spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. Emmitt McGarr and family.

Mr. Robert Latham spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Latham in Bay Springs.

Gum Springs News: Mr. and Mrs. Bilbo Wright are visiting their daughter and family in Houston, TX.

Mrs. Bob Jines and Stacy of Jackson spent the weekend with parents and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Cooper.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Springer visited Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Cooper on Thanksgiving.

Mr. and Mrs. M.G. Card spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. Robert May in Oxford.

Mr. and Mrs. T.C. Hillhouse and daughter of Greenville, Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Griffin and Kelli spent Thanksgiving with Mrs. Moree Vaughan.

Mr. Stanley Parker of Jackson, Mr. William Parker and family of AR spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Parker.