Children enjoy Christmas tree story

By Librarian Mary Boutwell Maben Public Library

MABEN — We had a small but lively group for Story Hour at the Maben Public Library last Friday.

The kids listened attentively to the story “The Biggest, Most Beautiful Christmas Tree.” The story is about families of squirrels, chipmunks and field mice who live in a big fir tree. Santa hasn’t been coming to see them because their tree looked like all the others in the forest.

So their Aunt Mim came to visit and brought lots of things to make decorations for their tree. Together they painted balloons, tied bows on pinecone, strung berries and put bells that tinkled and a big star to top the tree made out of tinfoil.

It was Christmas Eve and everyone went to bed early that night. They woke early the next morning to find the house filled with toys and gifts and the stockings bulging with goodies.

They invited the neighbors and all had special cookies and tea. Everyone shared a toast to Christmas and to wise Aunt Mim, who just smiled her big smile.

Come join us this week (10 a.m. Friday) as we continue with the Christmas theme, learning all about Christmas.