Maben High School alumni enjoy reunion

By Dottie Dewberry For the WPT

MABEN — “But every memory of friendship shared, even for a short time, is a treasure, like sunshine and warmth in our lives, like a cool breeze on a humid day, like a shower of rain refreshing the earth.” Anonymous

The first Saturday in October rolled around bright with sunshine except with a cold breath, but this did not keep the 100-plus alumni (1942-70) from assembling at the Maben High School site to remember about the days when they were young, spry and energetic.

There is nothing like the happy look of recognition as classmates come through the door; especially when you realize you are not the only classmate from your class to show up. Al Tuck served as the emcee for the occasion, and entertained the assembly with a series of jokes and then read off some facts about the cost of living down through the ages.

A number of people were startled when he told the group that “In God We Trust” was put on currency in 1957; when it was adopted as the USA’s official motto. This happened during our lifetime. It has been on coins since 1864.

He issued special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Earl Blade and Robin Blade for coordinating the invitations and to Sandra Bishop for the decorations, which were done in MHS colors: blue and white.

James Bryant gave the official opening prayer. Al presented plaques to the oldest class member present: Wyman Bishop, who is responsible for starting this reunion back in 1982. He also presented a plaque to Wayne Eiland who came the furthest distance to attend this annual event: more than 550 miles.

Any teachers that had taught at MHS were then recognized: Joyce Holt and Glenn Norwood. A roll call of classes was called next: the class of 1942 had one member: Wyman Bishop. The class of 1944 also had one present, Louis “Red” Williams, as did the class of 1946: Norwood. 1950-four; 1951- two; 1952-three; 1953-none: 1954-one; 1955-seven; 1956-five; 1957- none; 1958-four; 1959-five; 1960-one; 1961-seven; 1962-six; 1963- three; 1964-two; 1965-two; and 1966-six. Others may have came in but were not present with the roll call.

Calahan’s Restaurant of Maben provided the lunch, which was pure Southern: fish, slaw, hush puppies, chicken and potato salad, sweet tea, cake. You can’t get much more Southern than that.

Calahan’s is operated by 1965 class member John Crowley.

After the meal, pictures were taken by class groups by Dottie Dewberry. Contact for a copy of your class photo to be emailed to you.

After about four hours of reminiscing the class members disassembled and traveled back home with another set of fond memories.